Introducing the pop-up breastfeeding cover!​



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The pop-up breastfeeding cover!​

Life is made simpler with the pop-up breastfeeding cover

Engineered by mum

Comfort for babies and chic mummies! No more hot and bothered babies!


The special pop-up design helps keep the fabric away from the baby’s face, creating an airy space that is ideal for hot climates.


It also stays up on its own, allowing mum to have a free hand as she won’t need to hold the fabric to keep it from the little one’s face. 

What would you do with your free hand?​

Enjoy your favourite beverage? Check social media on your phone? Read a good book? The opportunities are endless!


What’s more?


The unique pop-up design also allows mum an easy glimpse under the cover to check on the little one. This makes it so much easier for mums to help newborns latch on and adjust their position.


The pop-up breastfeeding cover is a must for mums on the go, whether indoors or outdoors, and adds a stylish touch to your outfit.


Designed by a proud breastfeeding mum and loved by mums around the globe.

What would you do with your free hand?​



cold drink


The pop-up breast feeding cover gives you options


What Mums say about the pop-up breastfeeding cover

Min from Hong Kong

"I absolutely love this pop-up breastfeeding cover. I've had moms running up to me in the streets and shouting

'I need that'"

Emily from Singapore

"My savior! This pop-up breastfeeding cover is amazing, it works

so well.

The design transforms the experience - especially in the heat"

Clare from Singapore

"It's perfect for Singapore weather"

Cathrine from Hong Kong

"I wish I ordered more, all my mom friends wanted one"

"It's great, I love that I can also use it as a stroller cover to protect my baby from the sun and because it pops I don't have to constantly try to prop it up like the old breastfeeding cover"

Belinda from Hong Kong

"I take it on the plane and use it as a pop-up tent when my baby is asleep in the baby bassinet. It's great to shade her from the light overhead and reduce the distraction from people walking by"

Ammy from Thailand

Suzy from Hong Kong

"I love this pop-up cover! I have used it to cover up while expressing milk when flying for work. Love the pop-up feature that allows me to keep both hands free!"

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